Solution: Printer works but only prints one copy

I came accross an interesting problem the other day where a HP 4000N printer was working properly excepted that it would not print multiple copies.  It would however print multiple pages.  Changing the print driver to HP LaserJet 4, HP LaserJet 4100 PCL 5 or HP LaserJet 4100 PCL 6 did not fix the problem.

The solution was to change the print processor to winprint.


Solution taken from: Only prints one copy.

4 thoughts on “Solution: Printer works but only prints one copy

  1. Thanks a million! I was searching far and wide for a solution and starting to panic as I couldnt print our car detailing vouchers for our reps! Although my solution was slightly different, instead of setting it to winprint I had to set it to the other option. But thanks for leading me to the fix!

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