Remote Desktop Session automatic logoff on Windows 2008 R2

This is another annoying setting in Windows 2008 R2, especially when a virtual machine is used for development.  To deactivate the automatic logoff of a disconnected session in Windows Server 2008 R2…

  1. Go to Administrative Tools > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration
  2. Select top left node (RD Session Host Configuration)
  3. In the middle window, right-click on RDP-Tcp and click Properties
  4. On the Sessions tab, change the End a disconnected session to the wanted value.

2 thoughts on “Remote Desktop Session automatic logoff on Windows 2008 R2

  1. Thanks! Worked like a charm! You are right it is a very annoying setting. Although on my Windows Server 2008 it is a little different, I had to go to Start > Administrative Tools > Terminal Services > Terminal Services Configuration to find the RDP-Tcp Connection name.


  2. Hello Ryan,

    Just wondering whether windows server 2012 has the same issue. If so, how to deactivate the automatic logoff for server 2012? I am not able to find the location of “Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration”.


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